A group of characters

So what's it like to be a college intern at Walt Disney World?
Here's my story ...

Originally, I was assigned to be a merchandise hostess
at EPCOT.  Everything changed on my first day

in the College Program. 

While waiting in line to fill out all of the CP paperwork,
one of the greeters asked me, "Do you know you are short?"
 I was accustomed to the question, since I stand just 4'9".
But why was she asking? I responded, "Yes ???"

She then asked, "How would you like to go through
character training and work along side Mickey, Donald and the gang?"
This time I responded, "Yes !!!"

So, here I am, working with my own version of the Fab 5 --
Mickey, Donald, Minnie, Dopey and Pinocchio.

For once, being vertically challenged 
makes me the big guy on campus. I get to be real close to
my Fab 5, but, even better, I get to see the Walt Disney World
 guests through their eyes. I watch them light up with glee
as they meet their favorite characters -- 
kids of every age and generation -- acting like children
as they meet their Disney favorites. 

Mickey asked me not to reveal too much about our work
-- a little mystery helps to keep the magic --
but he says it's OK to show you a little bit about my
terrific job, especially all the smiling faces I get to see.

The BossJenn Culumber
University of Florida
B.A. 2004, Magna Cum Laude
M.A. 2006, Speech & Language Pathology

WDW College Program
Summer/Fall 2001
College Program Campus Rep 2002-2004

Donald  Mickey & Me  Dopey 

Dopey  Pinocchio & Me  Lumberjack Donald

A Dopey Family  Jenn & the Gang  Donald & Dad

Mickey & My Family  Jenn, Tom & the Boss

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